Poker hand: how to get the best one during the game

Poker hand meaning in the game

Poker hand (the combination of several meaningful cards) is that which determines the result of the game, thus not only the Poker hands ranking means much, but the starting hand is important. Hands in Poker should be learned by heart (at least professional gamblers remember them as their own fingers). However, the newbies always have a chance to open any Poker site and check hands’ rankings and the best hands to start the game.

Poker hand: which is the best one?

The beginners are recommended to start learning this card game while playing online and using a Poker hand calculator — it will show the probability of winning with this or that Poker hand. Here, no Poker best hands like unbeatable Flush Royal or the Poker House is meant. The odds that a player will get them at the very beginning of the game are minimal: rival will not let him do it simply. Thus, the strategy of how to get the best card combinations should be known.

How to know when you get the best hand

Certainly, most gamblers dream about getting 2 cards like Ace plus Ace or King plus King at the beginning. This start will be the guarantee that they will manage to make at least 2-3 meaningful combinations. Those, who are learning how to play Poker, should know at least this Poker hand, which is the coolest beginning. Here are some of them.

  • A-A. A-A is the best possible starting hand. Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee of winning a hand, but the player will not find better conditions with any other starting hand. The only problem is that one rarely gets A-A.
  • K-K and Q-Q. Aces, Kings, and Queens are such good starting hands that one always plays them aggressively. The player should always raise with these hands before the Flop.
  • A-K suited. The same goes for A-K suited (both cards of the same suit) because A-K is a very strong Poker hand. It is not a couple, but with the help of the 5 community cards, the chances of a strong top pair are pretty good. The player also has the option of making the best possible Flush if three cards of the same suit appear on the table. One can also hit a Street, and if none of the opponents have a pair, the player can even win with a high card.
  • 9-9 and 8-8. Nevertheless, the player must think carefully about how much he wants to risk and how he can react to opposing bets and raises.
  • A-Q suited. It is also a very good starting hand.
  • A-K offsuit. As the last of the very good starting hands, this is a very good hand, but since the 2 cards are not of the same color they appear a little further down in ranking.

These card combinations form the best starting hands in Texas Hold’em. Even as a beginner, one would probably make some money with these hands and could learn the game at the same time. Unfortunately, a player can get these hands very rarely.

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